fussie cat 5star gourmet

Fussie Cat’s premium canned food arrived at Angels recently.

I bought one can of salmon with tuna for our cats to try. Their response was so-so, and in fact only Sayang finished her food. Tried it two dinners in a row, same response. Our cats are strange indeed!

We concluded that it is an option for small cat households, because it is relatively expensive to feed in bulk. Compared to other premium canned foods such as Addiction and Nutripe, as well as human food such as canned tuna, it is actually more expensive.

Regardless, the food did look nice, not much jelly, lots of flakes of fish.

The good thing about it is that it is white meat, which some cats prefer to red meat. Our cats are keen on both. Aswat’s cats hate the paste-like texture of most premium canned foods, get diarrhoea when they eat liver, and detest red meat, and so Fussie Cat premium is now one of his favourite choices for them, alongside Angel’s which is similar in quality.

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