After rescuing Jacey, while awaiting for the pet shop to open so we can get more of our medications for her, she is happily enjoying her morning here in our home.
She seems to enjoy dry kibbles but because she is dehydrated I told her that we had to add water to her food. She still doesn’t know how to drink water from a bowl yet.

Her eye is much better now, no more discharge, but her skin is still inelastic. Will need to pump more rehydration fluid into her later.

Now she is happily roaming around the house and the cats are being gentle towards her, albeit curious just as she is curious about them. We set up our standard kitten toys for her – a mini-scratching post and some dangling mobile-type of types on it.

There she goes at it

Jacey scares easily with loud noises, which is a surprise considering she came from a main road. But she is adapting well, has already learnt to use the litter box once.

She is now being a real kitten – exploring, munching on food, looking really cute. Hope she gets better real soon!

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