Hi Elaine,

This is Xinran, who adopted Jacey on the 25th Jan 2010… We renamed her Miki and she is well and playful. She has been having diarrhoea… so we brought her to see our vet which gave her some anti-diarrhoea and anti-gas medicine… the vet suggested another visit in about 2 weeks for her vaccination. I was advised to keep her from my resident cat, Viki, for 1-2 weeks just in case as well. I am currently feeding her Royal Canin for Kittens, moistened with water and sprinkled some probiotics (Lacteoforte) on top for her diarrhoea as well. Got some Wellness canned food for her…

Here are some pictures of Miki in her new room. It is kept separated from the rest of the house by a sliding door. There was one time where Viki opened it for her when I accidentally left a crack there! They are still not friends yet, but will get there eventually. Thank you for saving Miki and giving her a chance at a happy life! All the best to the new kitty, Xiao Jie as well.


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  • Nen also suffered diarrhea after we brought him home. After two rounds of deworming, probiotincs and medication to calm his intestines, turned out he had some small parasites that had to be treated with antibiotics. maybe Miki suffering similar case?

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