Yesterday a male Schnauzer arrived at the shop for re-homing. His family was expecting a new baby and the dog, Joe, was actually their eldest son’s dog. With the change in family dynamics – the son growing up, the mother newly pregnant – Joe was decided to be re-homed.

Two year old Joe came to the shop, quite healthy albeit sporting a skin allergy (food allergy to chicken) but it was not serious. His nails were also in bad shape. He was groomed

getting his Schnauzer cut, and during the grooming itself, we called up one adopter who had already heard from us that we were expecting a Schnauzer coming in for adoption. Nancy and her family came over that very evening.

The whole family spent some time with Joe, and I think Joe liked their daddy the best! This is not their first dog, but their home is currently dog-less, so the cheer on their faces was wonderful.

They decided to get Joe and buy the necessary stuff for him as well. We also gave him the card for our vet so that they can get him checked up and plan for his sterilisation. The previous owner gave Joe to us with no papers attached. Here they are, a happy, complete family –
Thank you for adopting Joe! 🙂

(NB: We did not manage to get a donation from the owner who surrendered Joe to us, he was unwilling to. If most owners are not keen on donating a small sum to offset the pet’s grooming, food, socialisation and boarding, then we have to offset these costs somewhere, likely to the adopter. Help us keep our adoption fees low.)

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