Do you have a Twitter account?
Do you have lots of cats in your life, be they your pet cats, cats you work with, or strays that you care for?

If you do, join us in a themed twitter conversation about cats!


  • Log in to your Twitter.
  • Tweet a few words about how your life is about lots of cats.
  • Append the tweet with #lotsofcats – e.g. “3 cats in the house, with a stray that might decide to live here permanently…! #lotsofcats”
  • This way, everyone who is tweeting on this theme will show up on the #lotsofcats channel.
  • You can access the channel by clicking your tweets’ #lotsofcats hyperlink.

A real fun way to network online with other cat lovers, connecting people through the shared love of catssss!

Let’s have a catty converstion.

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