melody and jacey both adopted!

It was an eventful day at Ubi Kuching Project.

After I returned Jacey to her boarding pen at the shop, I took Melody with me to our vet because a potential adopter for Mel had come forward offering to sponsor a diagnostic check-up for her dry eyes and nose.

Dr Hsu said that Mel’s dry eyes is likely a condition that developed from young, and prescribed a topical solution that would help her tear glands function normally again in time. He also offered a prescription for artificial tears that can be used to lubricate her eyes in the meantime. He said that her dry nose is simply due to her improper diet in the past, and all in all Melody is healthy and a good dog! Mel really behaved herself during her check up too. Dr Hsu also gave the feedback that Mel was safe to undergo sterilisation, probably not immediately though as she has just come on heat. He also said her heart was good, something he took note to mention as Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniels tend to have heart conditions.

After Mel, her sponsor and I returned to the shop, Aswat gave her a thorough grooming and her sponsor decided to adopt Melody after all! Mel’s new mommy bought her lots of stuff too, and carried her home in her new carrier –

Mel’s new family initially came by to view her on Saturday, with the intention of finding a dog that was medium in size, gentle in nature. They had discussed after they went home, that they probably wouldn’t be able to find another dog that was more gentle than Melody.

Halfway through, another animal lover came along, this time to view and adopt Jacey! Jacey will be their second cat, their first also a stray that they adopted. They brought their carrier along all the way from their home far west, already with the intention to take Jacey home. They also went to the nearby hardware store to get a DIY litter tray, to be their second in the home for Jacey’s use. (Amidst the hubbub in the shop today I forgot to get a snapshot of Jacey with her new mommy and daddy, hope they send us pics of her in her new home soon though!)

We are really happy here for Melody and Jacey! Hope that they will lead long happy lives and add boundless cheer to their new families.

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