Hi Elaine,

Melody, now renamed Sissi after a famous Austrian princess, says hi!

She’s doing fine except for a habit of licking/biting her legs/paws until bleeding….thus earning her the e-collar since the 3rd day of being home. Doesn’t look like food allergy, and I can’t spot flea signs….maybe other parasites under the skin or simply itchy healing wounds after the ingrown nails?

I’m monitoring if the condition improves, otherwise I’ll take her to the vet in the next few days. We’re also suspecting she’s either not hearing well, or she pretends not to hear us (especially when being scolded for being naughty!)

All in all she’s opening up to us, shamelessly begging for food when we’re at the table. Her happy face is the best reward for everything else!



Sissi sitting in one of her favourite positions – with her paws daintily placed one over the other.

I replied Sissi’s mommy telling her that Melody’s itchy paws might be a contact allergy of some kind:

Her paws might also be a contact allergy of some kind, maybe grass or household cleaners. To find out you will have to try getting her to stop walking on grass for a while or wear booties, then see if it improves. If not, then try changing the household cleaners. If that still does not work, sometimes dogs chew on their paws out of boredom so maybe she just needs more toys.

We are so happy for Sissi!

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