With Aswat’s help we got ourselves a new harness for taking our cats out of the house. This one is from Ferplast, actually meant for ferrets, known as the Jogging series.

Aswat had ordered us the L size which fits Scooter snugly, and Slinky not at all. Sayang looks unladylike with it on, but Scooter superbly handsome! To us anyway –

He hated it at first, of course, but now has it on and does his normal activities – eat, play, toilette – wearing it since Andy fetched the harness home from Angels earlier on.

A safer option definitely, compared to our old harness, (faintly visible on Sayang here). It has two velcro flaps and one adjustable clippy-clip like the kind you use on your haversacks and backpacks. Imagine how you wear a life-vest when doing sea activities, that is pretty much how it works.

The leash itself is actually elastic, another added point of interest to this product. I reckon it gives more mileage to the cat, enabling it to walk you instead of the other way around as it should be with dogs.

Our next step in re-introducing harness-and-leash training to Scooter with this new product is to get him used to the leash attached to the harness while he is wearing it. It will take a while. For now, he will wear the harness like a cute life-vest around the house, looking like he is about to scoot off into an adventure somewhere!

This Ferplast harness with leash retails for about $29.

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