no more ubi stray dogs

Edit: Seems that only 1 pack was trapped for culling. The larger pack of 11 dogs from further inside Ubi’s industrial estate was caught. Vietnam Romeo’s siblings, including his sister and Happy, were spared.

The Ubi stray dogs have all been trapped and culled by AVA.

This happened two days ago, when one of the stray dogs feeder found the AVA folks trapping the dogs. She tried to ask them to release them, but the trapper said ‘$200 per dog’. And we know that they will trap the dogs again after they pocket the $200.

Personally I am quite upset that the situation had to turn this averse. The dogs should not have been allowed to breed in the first place but there seems to be no available option for neutering stray dogs like CWS’s Spay Day or similar. The peevish email response I got from ASD –

Hi Elaine
Yes we do, we provide subsidised sterilization, but you will need to help capture the dogs and bring it to the vet

Ricky Yeo

– was also no consolation. How are we going to trap and transport the dogs without some kind of assistance, financial or otherwise? It is not the sterilisation itself that is expensive. Also, unlike our correspondences with Cat Welfare, we did not get any other options to choose from. While I love both dogs and cats I seriously prefer the way CWS works much better than ASD. It makes me seriously wonder where the funds are going to when they are collecting so much from the public, will there be any hope left for stray dogs in Singapore without a strong support group lobbying for them? These are the same folks that told me ‘Nobody is going to go to a construction site to view a dog’ when we were trying to re-home Vietnam Romeo, who in the end turns out to be the sole survivor of these two packs of stray dogs in Ubi. Gone are his siblings, friends and parents.

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  • Thanks for speaking up; I thought I was the only one who was feeling disappointed with the way ASD works. I was feeling a bit too mean in my comments in case I was being overly sensitive but now I feel less so, I think people need to know so they can solve the problems that ASD is not helping in.

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