now that he’s not inside the house…

We managed to convince him to stay outside our house. He eats and drinks a lot, so we make sure the feeding station outside our door is filled up as often as possible. Slinky stands guard at our door because she really doesn’t want him to enter our home. I love Slinky but she can really be paranoid and unexpectedly aggressive. There is a mesh at our main gate so that any lashing out by Slinky will be mitigated if Wang Wang comes to the door when it is open.

Personally I feel heart-broken that I cannot spend more time with Wang Wang in the comforts of our home but I guess I have to steel myself into believing that he will get more food and water outside the house instead, and at least I am not locking him inside with an aggressive cat that wants to attack him. Maybe things will change after we neuter him, but we’ll see how it goes. I really don’t want any of them to get hurt.

Another ‘he’ who is not in his house is Terry. After two days and nights of canvassing and shouting along every path in the Ubi industrial estate, we brought the search to a preliminary close. It hurts to say this, but we fear that Terry must have run away because he thought he was going to die. Posters and the authorities are still in place so the lines to Terry’s return if he is still alive, are still open.

My own dog, my second, also did the same thing, ran away never to return, when she was about Terry’s age. She was a street-smart dog, a stray. Dogs seem to have this instinct of wanting to protect their owners from watching them die. Unless they are infirmed and unable to run, this behaviour is more commonly exhibited than not. It hurts like hell for us as owners should this happen, but I guess it is their way of saying they love us.

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