our resident orange stray cat

Skinny Orange whom we have been calling Wang Wang has been visiting our house regularly, often found parked at our block landings, following us when we are going out or home.

He looked really keen on making friends with our cat, sitting outside our door, nose-kissing with Scooter and looking longingly inside our home, as if he wanted to come inside and play with us too.

So we decided that we would let him in, but first, a bath.

He is so easy to shower! He barely made any noise at all. But he is just like Scooter, scared of the hairdryer.

After that, the two cats closest to his age, Sayang and Scooter, (we estimate him to be about 8 months, around the same as Scooter and slightly younger than Sayang), made friends with him. Scooter was most eager, the both of them having blinking conversations with each other. He climbed atop our bed when we let him, and then proceeded to cuddle up –
Our cats are so strange, we don’t know why they seem to like him more than the other cats that pass through our home. Sayang, after investigating Wang Wang and deeming him a non-threat, proceeded to approach him too. She does not seem jealous at all, even when Wang Wang was purring away, and cuddling up so close to Andy. Now they are both asleep, on next to Andy, the other at his feet –
Slinky couldn’t be bothered at all, she didn’t even bother to hiss. She is happily, stress-freely sleeping away in the living room. A good sign, considering how easily stressed she can be with intruders, often streaking or climbing when she gets scared.

Wang Wang is really handsome – he has very Oriental features – pointed ears, almond shaped eyes – and he is still skinny from having been underfed in the past. His fur here looks very red, because it is still slightly damp, but when he is dry his fur is more like the colour of toast, or sand. (I told Wang Wang that if he wanted to stay with us he would need to get an English name, maybe Sandy is a good start! Well, that is if he wants to stay of course… Andy and I will have to decide about it if he does.)

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