Re-homing your pet through Ubi Kuching Project

Many of the pets we re-home are rescued strays, but we do occasionally come across pets that are no longer able to stay with their owners. This is more true especially for dogs, because stray dogs needing rescue are fewer in Ubi than there are cats.

If you come across an animal in need and you are not sure if you ought to rescue it and bring it to us, please read this article on which kind of animals benefit most from rescue. Not every animal will benefit from being lifted off the streets.

We do take in animals that cannot stay in their current home any longer. The reasons are multiple: family reasons, moving abroad or to a locale unsuitable for pets, and a variety of other reasons. And yes, sometimes it is just irresponsibility on the part of the humans. In any case, the animals are innocent and should we be brought in to re-home the pet, we do our best to ensure that the pet goes to a good new family.

Before you consider giving up your pet, do consider other options. If it is a family situation, there may be family members or friends that can consider taking over the ownership of your pet. Also, pregnancy, one of the most common reasons for pet abandonment, does not mandate you having to give up your pet – allergies and poisoning are rare and when the right precautions are taken (seconding the pet toilet clearing to someone else, wearing gloves, keeping your home clean and tidy etc.) occurs very seldom. You can also consider long-term foster care of your pet if you are going overseas or going through a change in life. If your pet is exhibiting behavioural problems, it is usually as a result of some kind of emotional trauma or insecurity, and your pet’s behaviour can be altered with the right kind of care, obedience training and emotional welfare.

If you have explored every other option and would like to surrender your pet to us for re-homing, here are the following guidelines:

  1. Call ahead to find out if we are able to take in the pet: contact Aswat at 9337 8211.
  2. Do provide us with your reasons for re-homing the pet so we can have a better understanding of the pet.
  3. If space is available, you will need to bring the pet to us as we do not have a pet taxi service. Our main boarding space is at Angels Pet Shop.
  4. Together with your pet, bring along its papers if any – vaccination, sterilisation – as well as its current food, toys, blanket, collar, leash etc.
  5. Do share with us your pet’s personality and history so we can convey this to the new owner as well as better train it, and socialise it with humans and other animals.
  6. A small token cash donation will be requested when you surrender your pet, at an amount of your choosing, to help cover its boarding costs. Your generosity will also go towards the other animals we help at Ubi Kuching Project. You can also make a donation in kind by purchasing food – from Angels or otherwise – for your pet and other animals we have boarding with us.

Another option you have for re-homing your pet is to foster your pet while we canvass on your behalf for an adopter. To do this, submit information on your pet, including pictures, to Elaine at avalon.apart [at] Do share with us your pets bio-data – name, age, gender, breed – as well as its personality and background. Prospective owners do not just look for a pretty picture as they want to know as much about the pet as they can before they consider adopting, so do include as much information as you can about your pet in your email. A picture may get them to visit our online presences, but the pet’s story is more likely to get the adopters to make the life-changing decision to adopt it.

For the rest of us, do know that adopting a pet is for life. A cat or dog is likely to live around ten years, possibly even up to twenty years. For this reason, please do not buy pets, adopt instead, as there are already a lot of unwanted animals around. Please also do not breed your animals – selling animals without an AVA license is a criminal offense, and there are more kittens and puppies than there are homes available. Cats and dogs do not need to reproduce to feel fulfilled. Only adopt a pet when you are financially able to provide for it, because it is totally dependent on you for its well-being and survival once you take it home.

Also, please do not resort to dumping animals at Angels or at our volunteers’ homes and shops, at night after closing hours, because we may not be able to respond in time to bring the animals into safety and they may die, get lost, fall ill or get injured in the process.

The above guidelines are in place to ensure the animal’s well-being above all.

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