Sookie returns from the vet

We received an anonymous donation for Sookie’s veterinary check-up and brought her to the vet today for a blood test. Sookie was found to be well-hydrated, no fever, no other symptoms of renal failure, but our donor felt we should do the test regardless – 1.5L of water a day is truly abnormal. Thank you cat-angel!

Her kidney and liver function came back clear. Which means that her excessive thirst could be just a force of habit, or a result of her psychological trauma? I will be trying to get some web-based veterinary opinions on her kidney function test results. Maybe she is just a water-lover after all… hopefully her thirsty habit changes.

She is now resting at the shop and will be there until we re-home her or find her Lorong Ah Soo carer. She has been allowed to roam outside her pen, but she will be in the cage when the shop closes at night.

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