the danger of (nearly) falling in love with a stray cat

Me: Let’s bathe Wang Wang, then can let him come into our house (for a purported ‘visit’)
Andy: Ok!

While he is being showered…

Andy: Wah! He is so good boy, never make noise!
Me: Ya lor! Some more can just put him inside the basin and bathe.

Later, Wang Wang shows how endearingly friendly he is by allowing the cats to approach him, and being totally pacifist in his behaviour. Then, he cuddles up to us and sleeps….

Andy: He is such a good boy!
Me: Ya lor! Never met a male cat who is such a good boy.
Andy: He’s purring! So manja! I think he is more good boy than Scooter.

We continue in this train of conversation, admiring him – his soft fur, his beautiful colouring, his tabby stripes on just his tail and legs, his large ears, his cute face, his Oriental facial expression, his personality, how the cats seem to like him… treading on dangerous territory of falling in love with this handsome cat.

Even later…

Andy: You want to keep him ah?
Me: Later see if he wants to go out when we open the door.

He doesn’t. He even gets along with all the cats. We leave him in the house while we go out for Angels’ pet owner gathering. We come back with the house intact, Wang Wang sleeping in a corner, all the cats relaxed.

The rest of the pet owners who came over to ours had a really nice time with Wang Wang, he was the only cat who stayed in the living room with the ‘strangers’ and okay with Sweetie the Shar-pei who was also visiting us. The rest of our cats retreated to the rooms.

Aswat: I think this one is your cat already lah!
Me: I told Wang Wang that if he wants to stay he must have an English name, and it has to start with ‘S’. Like Sandy, Sunny, anything that starts with S.
Aswat: Since Sayang’s name is in Malay, why don’t you call him Suria? (Meaning ‘ray of light’ in Malay).
Me: Sounds like the TV channel leh! Might as well call him Vasantham!
Aswat: You want start with ‘S’ mah!

Before bed time…
Andy: You really want to keep him ah?
Me: Dunno leh, see how lah. This sounds like the story of Misty. “Let’s feed it some milk!” Then, “Can we take it home?” “Okay, but we are NOT keeping it!” In the end, Misty becomes their cat.

Andy and I talk about finances…
Me: Wang Wang, we cannot keep you leh, unless you help us raise funds to take care of you. (Image of him being a mascot for his own line of products flashes across my mind).
Andy: Ya lor, wait no money to buy you necklace (collar with name-tag).
Me: Aiya, that one no need lah!
Andy: Some more need to potong (sterilise)!

Wang Wang, Sayang, both continue lying next to us in bed. Wang Wang is purring and being manja.

Andy: Conclusion, we cannot keep him lah.

Me: – silence –

The danger of falling nearly in love with a stray cat.

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  • But Andy the man gave us the voice of reason that we both needed to hear, that we might not be able to take care of one more cat:
    [Andy: Conclusion, we cannot keep him lah].
    We'll see how it goes ^_^ He's right now sleeping in one of our cats' baskets, super cute.

  • Hi Abu, thanks for the comment. I enjoy updating the blog everyday too, and your encouragement goes a long way! Still not sure if Wang Wang will stay, money is an issue and to add him to three cats seems like a lot. But he is a real charmer – making friends with our cats, making friends with our human friends, and being manja without being too pushy. We'll see what happens when we open the door in the morning…

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