So finally I took the plunge and invested in a small bag of Wellness Core dry food to add to the cats’ diets.

The good thing about this food is the fact that it is high in protein, comparable to Evo that has left Singapore, at 50%. The protein sources are from chicken, turkey and herring. The only starch is potato; Wellness Core is the grain-free version. Our cats have tried Wellness dry food before, the less premium range, and they are okay with it, although not overly crazy; nothing like the way they love some of their favourite dishes of the moment.

So far the taste test has been somewhat iffy; Scooter snubbed it when I refilled the bowl for their supper. At first they were all right, perhaps I should have mixed in much less to start.

I like the fact that it features turkey as one of the first few ingredients, something different for the cats. Also, like the normal Wellness the kibbles are nice and small, better for Slinky and Scooter who do not bother to chew their food, and for Sayang because she has a very dainty jaw and has to eat very slowly. And now that Shiro is still staying with us he can eat it too.

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