zone 3 power station kitten spotted

Yesterday night we took a cycling excursion around Zone 3 and found that the cats the hideout in the power station, preventing the sponsors from trapping them for sterilisation, have reproduced not long ago. Spotted a kitten of about 2 months of age coming out of the station to eat and drink at their feeding point, before scurrying back in again.

It is unfortunate that the power station is an inaccessible point, making it hard for carers to reach the cats. Thankfully the feeding station outside it is permanent, which means that at least they can get food and water. If it weren’t under surveillance, I would have climbed in long ago to help trap the cats for neutering, and to check if they are healthy and well.

Power stations are like the black holes of small towns, allowing cats to get in and out but not humans to care for them. There was a power station at the Techpark too, which Andy and I nearly climbed into to search for cats if we hadn’t spotted the surveillance camera in time.

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  • So kind of you to consider letting Wang Wang stay with you guys…And really interesting to read ur blog…like u said a good blog should be constantly updated…and urs is 🙂

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