zone 4 excursion – meow!

Today we did an excursion of Zone 4. Aswat, Andy and myself try to walk around Ubi as often as we can, so we can check on the cats, if there are any needs such as newcomers needing neutering or cats-at-risk needing rescue.

It was a good excursion. The cats here are all well taken care of, which is a good sign – they looked healthy and well-fed. They have also been diligently neutered by the two uncles sponsoring this zone, and there are very few newcomers here since we last came to this zone, at least none we sighted today. One of the cat-feeders Auntie Doreen feeds using dry food and water stations which are routinely cleared. The cats kind of snubbed us when we fed them our leftover canned food from today’s neutering! Which probably explains why they are nice and chubby; dry food is more nutritious as a feeding option, though it has to be fed hand in hand with water stations. In any case, do remember to clear up leftovers from feeding strays!

I also found out from Aswat that one of his pet shop customers who lives in this zone has a number of cats which he took in because people kept anonymously dumping cats at his front door. Many of the shops here also help to take in cats largely because of the influence of Aswat and his godma who used to live here; they encouraged the shops’ owners to feed the stray cats to keep as pest control animals, and also to set up food and water stations for the cats that loiter around the ground-floor houses and shops. That trend is still going on.

After we finished dispensing the canned food, we moved on to zone 3, and to visit Aswat’s cats – more on that in later posts!

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