They were passed yesterday to us by a cat feeder who rescued them from the streets. She declined to inform us the circumstances which led to their rescue so we don’t know whether they are orphans, or where they are originally from.

The tortoiseshell girl is about 3-4 weeks old and the orange gal with white socks is about 8-10 weeks old.

We are hoping to find new homes for them now that they have been dumped into our domain. But they will need to rehabilitate first. Tortie-girl is having a bout of diarrhoea. We will be giving her medication and de-worming her tomorrow. Orange-gal had fleas and we just de-flea-ed her today. The scars around her eyes may be from an infection she previously caught but she is now no longer tearing.

Both are now boarding at a very full-house Angels.

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