3 newborn orphan kittens from Upper Boon Keng

Tonight, one of our volunteers suggested another feeding trip to Upper Boon Keng. We were keen to go also because we wanted to find out what the cat population situation was like now, because the day after we went we knew that the Town Council was due to come and cull the cats there.

True enough, many of the cats we saw there the last time, are now gone.

We saw some new cats, but as usual, they are mostly too scared to come out and eat too near us, so feeding took a long while because it meant leaving the food at a distance and for a long time, waiting for them to come out and eat.

We also got ourselves a surprise. Three newborn kittens were found there in a box, no mother in sight. One of the Upper Boon Keng residents that passed by commented that the kittens have been there for a whole day. This meant they have not been nursed for the whole day, and so we decided to take them back. Because our boarding situation is so full right now, the three kitties – all boys – are now at our house.

Andy and I have just fed them, and cleaned them and they are now asleep in the hammock of our cat-condo.

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