It has been two weeks since we rescued Coco and her brother Coffee

They are now also penned with Dinah, a kitten rescued as an orphan by our Royal Canin supplier in Kaki Bukit. Dinah is healthy, though has some abrasions on her skin and fur for which we are applying topical medication. Together with Coco and Coffee, they have recently been joined also by three older kittens (about 10 weeks old) which is the last lot of kittens we rescued from Upper Boon Keng. These older kitties are healthy save for dehydration, and one of them has injuries on both front paws. The three of them have been dewormed, medicated and groomed; they are getting along well with Coco, Coffee and Dinah too!

Coco and Coffee are now really active and playful and are more than ready to go to new homes. If you do know of anyone who would be interested in these siblings, do help us spread the word so we can find genuine adopters for them.

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