Kelly passed away last night.

When she first came to us she was only mildly unwell – she wasn’t eating, she was extremely skinny, she was lethargic.

So we started feeding her baby food, or canned food mixed with water, administered using a syringe. Her appetite did not increase.

She also had very bad diarrhoea. We dewormed her and put her on kaolin solution.

After deworming her she had eliminated two very large worms, thin and circular ones.

She then shows signs of laboured breathing, and even more lethargy – she was hardly moving.

Eventually, her heart stopped late last night. We tried CPR but she was already gone.

We suspect it was heartworm that killed her. Because the worms were so huge in such a small kitten, and her symptoms match the disease.

Heartworm is hard to treat in cats. Prevention is the only cure. It is transmitted primarily through mosquito bites. Usually cats’ immune systems are able to fight off heartworm. But to be safe, use Revolution.

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