Button, Mushroom, Caramel and Charcoal

Auntie Rose found 4 abandoned kittens in Zone 2 today, with a really skinny mother cat. The kittens are old enough to no longer need their mother’s milk, about 8 weeks old, and are already able to eat and drink on their own.

Three of them are tortoiseshell tabbies, also known as torbies, and are female. One is lighter in colouring than the others. The fourth kitten is a male, silver tabby. The boy is called Charcoal, the lighter torbie Caramel, the other torbie sisters called Button and Mushroom. They are likely to have Persian genes, possibly British Shorthair or similar breeds that have Persian outcrosses in them.

From left: Button, Mushroom, Caramel

Caramel, the lighter torbie gal

Charcoal boy

Andy and I are fostering them, together with Phoebe, for this weekend so as to alleviate the boarding situation at Angels. They will be available for adoption and viewing from Monday 1st March at Angels, after we have rehabilitated and groomed them.

Update: Showered, groomed and cleaned the kittens today! They really need lots of conditioner to keep their fluffy fur well-glossed. Trimmed their nails and cleaned their ears too.

Update: Charcoal has been adopted. Button also has been adopted. Caramel and Mushroom are now boarding at Angels. Please contact Aswat at 93378211 to view and adopt. Adoption fee for pedigree/cross-breed kitten is $60 per kitten.

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