email from adopter – successful ‘parenting’

Received an update from our adopter who adopted the Royal Canin tabby cat and her ‘sister’!

Dear Aswat & Team,

I would like to update you about my two babies.

The Black Tabby is ‘Coffee’ & The White Baby is ‘Cottonbud’.

As you are aware that Coffee had suffered from flu’ which causes her eyes to water and sneeze continuously… I am happy to inform you that Coffee has RECOVERED…Her eyes no longer water and she is more active now.

Cottonbud had a lot of bald patches when I took him, he is also showing signs of recovery and his beautiful white fur is GROWING…!!!!!!! He used to shiver excessively due to extreme dehydration and hunger…Now he is more active and chases me around the house. Currently, Cottonbud is my Weight-Loss Instructor…hahahaha

My 5-year old daughter loves them sooooo very much that she puts them both on her baby stroller and always ensure that they are safe from ants, holes, windows, gates…

I really thank you for bringing these two wonderful companion in our Life…!!!!!!!
coffee and cottonbud
I will post you more photos and videos in time to come…

Signing Off,

Mother of Three Wonderful Kids.

Kinza Naina

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