foster homes, boarding spaces

There aren’t enough fosterers, foster homes or boarding pens to take in every request to rescue and rehabilitate a stray or abandoned cat or dog. It is not only a question of space, but also of the stress of caring for a sick or young animal.

For Andy and I, we try to help out by fostering animals that need more care or when Aswat is unable to open the shop that day to feed and clean up after. We have two new volunteers to help out, which has already eased the burden a lot.

Currently in our home, depending on the health of the animal, we either integrate the animals with our cats, or quarantine them in the kitchen, which is not ideal. This is because we don’t have a proper pen to create adequate space to quarantine an animal, especially if it is larger than a newborn kitten. That and our cats’ feeding point, water fountain and main toilet is also in the kitchen.

Andy and I got to some logistics brainstorming and we reckon we can help to ease the often full-house boarding situation we have at Angels Pet Shop – if we can get a boarding pen. We moved some furniture around and found that we can probably fit a pen somewhere in our small house. Hope I come into some money soon – anyone has a cage to donate? 🙂 We probably can’t fit a cage that is more than 3ft by 2ft, but it needs to be big enough to enclose a litter pan. Or else we have to make a slum-type of pen like this one. But this won’t help the situation much because it means only one foster animal at any one time. I am also thinking of making one out of a hardware store box, which would be considerably cheaper. If you have an idea or how-to steps on creating one, do let me know.

Oh for want of space! If you live in Ubi and would like to help out in fostering animals that are in need of rehabilitation, do contact us (see right side-bar).

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