Grover-boy is actually Uncle Grover

Our cutie Sheltie, Grover, was brought to the vet by his adopter. Turns out he is much older than expected – he is 9 years old! He has mild cataracts too.

His adopter changed their minds about adopting Grover because their family recently had a member who was hospitalised.

He was also scanned for his microchip number, it is 985100010744473 which I have reverted to SPCA with, in case the reportedly lost Sheltie they had on file was the same.

Otherwise, when Grover rehabilitates fully, we will be re-homing him again if we can find a potential adopter. He is now still with the lapsed-adoptive family where he is receiving medication.

Update: He is not SPCA’s reportedly lost Sheltie. No reported-lost dog with Petcall matching Grover’s number either. Grover is available for adoption.

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