helping out the Upper Boon Keng situation

We only managed to rescue 5 kittens yesterday, and they are now all on medication which Aswat got from the vet today. Despite it only being five, we are actually already overcrowded in our boarding spaces, and Aswat being the primary caregiver of them all on his own time, is already stressed out too.

After today, there will be considerably less cats at Upper Boon Keng because the Jalan Besar Town Council had planned to cull the cats in that vicinity. We are not sure what is the cat situation there right now and due to the animals we already have in our custody were unable to go there tonight.

Regretfully we are unable to visit Upper Boon Keng every night to feed and check on the cats but we will try to go there when we can free up some time between our work in Ubi, caring for the rescues, and visiting the cats in that neighbourhood. If you are keen, do feel free to organise your own feeding trips there. If you do go, do share with us what you observe there and keep the information loop going, through this remote way we can help one another help the cats there.

We are willing to help to trap the cats for sterilisation if sponsors step forward. To arrange this, email me at avalon.apart @, or contact Damy and arrange a date at your convenience. Let us know when, so we can cab down there to help round the cats up. Evening times after 9pm will be convenient for most of us but if you are planning an earlier time, Damy and his wife will be able to help you as well.

You can also help us by contributing financially to the boarding costs of the 5 kittens we rescued yesterday. Each cat costs $3.50 per day. They will be boarding at the shop for at least one week before they will be available for adoption, to ensure they are fully recovered before they go to new homes. They aren’t popular colours or breeds, so these kittens will likely have a hard time finding new homes. Find out how you can help here.

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  • She is still having flu' which is likely infectious, she is being quarantined in her own cage right now. Will your landlord be okay with taking in another? She would definitely get along with Nen, she is so sociable and like him, likes to cuddle up, and even purrs when she is being medicated or groomed. She also eats easily, not fussy at all.

  • How is the tricolor girl with the flu doing?

    We are looking for a sister for Nen… Tabby, black, tricolor.. any will do 🙂 Let me know when the kittens are up for taking home.

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