‘homeless’ pubescent cats

A stray cat ‘situation’ occurred today in Zone 1. We have a few new kittens, such as Twister (named such because he has a twisted, kinked tail), Yellow, the new kitten recently spotted, a black and white kitten, and a silver shaded kitten. These four have been hanging out in and around the bicycle shop at Blk 301.

Unfortunately, the bicycle shop owner has chased them out of the shop and its surrounding walkways, and the owner’s wife, the auntie who has set up feeding points for the cats there, brought the four to Angels to help ‘relocate’ them. She came to Aswat in near tears, saying that her husband has been chasing out the cats by kicking them sometimes. This is the same auntie who rescued Nen.

After discussion, we have decided that we are going to neuter them (they are all around the age of six months, give or take) and release them nearer to Angels Pet Shop, and hopefully by then the spat that obviously occurred in the bicycle shop family will have subsided. We will also be trapping Wang Wang, and a tabby kitten who recently became pregnant.

More on the neutering taking place soon, in a later post.

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