Today someone came to us with three kittens, but we do not know their story, as Aswat was not at the shop at the time – are they strays? where are they from? are they orphans? We don’t know for sure.

Regardless, we ended up taking them in. They are really lovely kittens. Here are Colby, Jag and Kelly. Colby is red, Jag is white with black, Kelly is tricoloured. They are healthy, and will just need to be dewormed.

Kelly is a small sized kitten, with a short almost-bob-tail. She is smaller in size than the other two, which leads us to think they may not be from the same litter. She is estimated to be about 4 weeks old. She is a really agreeable kitten. She reminds us of the Japanese prosperity cat symbol.

This is Colby, a really active and vocal boy. He also has a short boblike tail with a kink. Enjoyable kitten to play with!

This is Jag, whose temperament is like Kelly’s, really easy-going cat!

Here they are – Jag performing some acrobatics, Kelly goes to a corner to snooze, and Colby tries to talk to me while I film them!

If you are keen on adopting these kittens, please call Aswat at 93378211 or 67489810 or visit Angels Pet Shop @ Ubi Ave 1, Blk 302, #01-49.

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