kitten pen for home fostering!

Andy and I live in a small house and we haven’t got much space but we found a kitten pen that suits the space we have at home! It is actually meant for ferrets, but the grilles are safe for kittens too. We are simply waiting for the supplier to resume business on after the CNY so we can order it! –

We like this pen because it has a ‘loft’ within, which makes it more space-efficient as well as fun for kittens – toilet below, bed on top. There is even space for us to construct a hammock, as well as the option of using a small scratching post as ‘stairs’ to the loft (idea copied from Shiro’s mommy). The wooden base makes it comfy for the cats as opposed to open grilles, and the bottom tray reduces litter tray mess. It even comes with wheels, and is collapsible when not in use. The measurements fit the area next to our cat condo, which indubitably means disinfecting and de-fleaing of the cat condo regularly for our own cats’ safety of course. That and getting all the cats up to date on their vaccinations etc. (left with Slinky and Scooter).

Can’t wait! More space means more rescue, and volunteers that live close to Angels Pet Shop are logistically efficient because we can bring the animals down to the shop anytime when adopters come by to visit. I am a tad envious that Tity already has a pen that Lila is staying in, and ours has yet to arrive! It is amazing what a pen can do. Quarantine, integrate, train and play all in one!

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