little tricoloured one-eyed girl

This is our tricoloured one-eyed girl, one of the first few kittens we rescued from Upper Boon Keng. Holding her is one of our newest volunteers, Joe.

She is really wonderful to cuddle, purring the minute you handle her, even if it is for grooming or pilling. Yes, she has gone back on medication because yesterday she started sniffling again. She has already completed a round of antibiotics and we clean her eye daily with the eye-drops given by the vet. Edit: She has recovered from her flu’ and is no longer sniffling.

We are not sure if we will ever find a home for this little girl. Her eye will remain this way and she will only grow bigger and older. If you are keen on providing a permanent home to nurse this handicapable girl for life, do contact us (see right side-bar).

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