making your pet bowl stay cold

So I saw this cool pet bowl idea on – a bowl that can be pre-freezed and when used to serve canned food, milk or water, keeps the contents cool and fresh for longer.

For a while now, I have been making my own cold bowls for my cats. This is used to serve milk, keeping it fresh for longer, as well as to serve free-choice canned food when I am too busy to serve them individually. Cats take time to eat and canned food should ideally be thrown away when it has been out for three hours maximum.

Here is a way to make your own.

When you remove the bowl(s) from the freezer to use for serving, place the bowl on top of a cloth or towel to soak up the melted ice. Voila! A handy cool pet bowl, which you can make at home.

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  • Yes I think the product you are referring to is Ssscat. You can also keep potted citronella plants (available from nurseries) which is usually used to keep mosquitoes away but cats hate it too.

    Another way is of course to make sure the cats are sterilised, only entire male cats like to spray urine, most usually do it where they can dig, which is on grass patches.

  • Hi Guys…

    Is there a way to prevent cats from crossing into or loitering around a certain area? I've seen a video of this pet product which they would spray on their carpets to stop their cats/dogs from scratching them.

    We've been getting complaints from Town Council about a stray cat that keeps loitering around my door and calling out in the middle of the night… and since I myself, have 6 cats under one roof, one of my neighbors have taken advantage of it and started spreading stories that we let out cats out at night to defecate around the area… particularly at her doorstep. I live in a corner unit with a corridor… my idea is to create an area effect… the staircase and a small portion of the corridor.

    Frankly, I don't have a problem with the Tomcat… he comes and goes occasionally usually for around 10mins or so… after which, I'll shoo him away. Its just that the Town Council is crawling up my butt and I can't risk loosing all my cats to them… or to adopters either.

    Do you guys have any ideas?

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