We got some good news to share about the cats that were evicted – the bicycle shop uncle relented to his wife and allowed her to take the girls back home!

Twister has been released to the area near to my home where he can access to our feeding station; so only Yellow is left at Angels. He has been given a day-pass to roam around the shop in the day, only to return to his pen in the night. If no one comes forward to adopt him, we will release him to become the resident stray cat at Angels, joining Sookie and Tommy and whoever else deigns to feed and water at the shop.

Before letting Yellow roam freely, I groomed him and cleaned his ears today. Took some more pictures of him too-

Afterward, let him out to play. He was so happy, here he is trying to go for the two pet chickens at the shop –

He loves the grass outside Angels, and has already gotten along with Sookie and Tommy.

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  • Just saw Twister for myself tonight. He is still sick, third eyelid showing. Lapped up a lot of milk which I had with me at the time. But he is active and does not seem to be stained (sign of diarrhoea). Could be just dehydration, which is why he drank so much milk.

  • Squawks, where? I haven't seen him for the past two days. Had released him outside my house but he ran off, not sure if he came back to eat at all.

  • Hey, I bumped into who I thought must be Twister. Orange young cat with tipped ear and twisted tail.

    Found him eating some garbage and I felt so sorry for him. But he was very affectionate. Came to me meowing and rubbing to greet me.

    Is he better yet? How's his condition?

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