names for rescued animals

Dear readers! We need ideas for names for rescued animals. Names give personality and identity to animals we try to re-home, so we can’t just put tabby1, orange_1.1 and the like. We try to capture the personality, character, description of the animal in a name, in their story through the published word online and their pictures.

If you have any ideas, do leave them on the comment thread here!

(I have previously found name ideas before, but many of them are ang-moh names that some of the volunteers find hard to pronounce, not ideal if we need to train and socialise the animals. I think Everton was the last straw for Aswat when I came up with it, he said, so cheem. My reply was that I met a dog named Chelsea in the afternoon. Thankfully, Everton is as active as a real soccer-player!)

Thanks for the ideas! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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