orange gal ready to be adopted!

Our Orange-gal is getting much better already! She probably came to us towards the end of a flu’ bout, but after medication, she looks much better now. Her eyes are still a tad teary but it is no longer inflamed. She is ready to be adopted!

She still needs some daily eye drops, and simple grooming around her eyes and face with moistened cotton wool. She is also still scared of humans, so we try to get her used to human touch as much as possible. She might have had a bad experience with humans before, so all she needs is a gentle human family to care for her. She is really a passive girl who needs proper human attention, and is still a kitten at heart. Here are pictures of her on my shoulder –

She is about 11 weeks old, has a thick short coat of red and white, with a cute bobtail. If you are keen to visit and adopt Orange-gal, do contact us (see right side bar).

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