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The only online delivery place that sells one of our favourite brands, Taste of the Wild, and one that we haven’t yet tried the service of, is Doggyfriend.So first step, ordering. The interface for placing orders is simple, and it even allows Paypal apart from direct-credit to their account and of course cash on delivery.

The delivery is not as flexible as our favourite online store Pets Gourmet, because it is not an immediate next-day delivery. Their delivery schedule is split into zones, for example, if we order before Monday 11am, delivery to our zone (east, north-east) is same-day, but not if you order on say Tuesday.

Next step will be evaluating their actual delivery and so on. More food for our cats soon – supply almost at zero!

Edit: Pets Gourmet actually does sell Taste of the Wild, a brand we strongly recommend. It was out of stock for a while at Pets Gourmet but they are back in stock, in both available sizes of 5lbs and 15lbs.

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  • oh yes Taste of the Wild is a truly underrated superb cat food. They love it more than Orijen, Wellness and Wellness Core, Nutra Gold, Addiction. Sayang finally put on weight when we bought this for them the last time, great for picky cats!

  • OMG! your blog bring big influence to me sia..i was once a doggyfriends customer..after becoming a fan of the blog..i am now a pets gourmet customer..ahaha! Agreed that they are more friendly…Now i am tempted by the Taste of the Wild you introduce..gonna get them once after my cats finish their Natural Balance. =)

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