our financial health – 17 Feb 10

The 30/70 Fund-Raising Efficiency Ratio

The fund-raising efficiency ratio is the total fund-raising expenses of an IPC to the total gross receipts from fund-raising and sponsorships of the IPC for that financial year. All IPCs are expected to keep their fund-raising efficiency ratio below 30%, which is commonly known as the 30/70 rule.

(Taken from MCYS’s Charity Portal here.)

And although it is only mid-February, here is a snapshot of our Fund-raising Efficiency Ratio to date:
As of 2359hrs on 16 February 2010, we are currently operating at a deficit of $122.99 and the debt keeps growing everyday, every hour. Help us get out of debt by contributing financially to our cause here. We really need your help.

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  • We received an anonymous donation! :") Am happy to the point of tears. We are no longer in debt!!! Thank you cat-angel, whoever you are!

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