Phoebe’s story is a long one. Previously named Freya, she had lived in the Philippines with her human daddy. When her daddy moved back to Singapore, he brought Freya back with him. But Freya could not get along with her Singapore cousins, two cocker spaniels.

We offered to give Freya a second chance by helping her find a new home, one where she will feel comfortable living in and be happy. We re-named her Phoebe.

After spending some time with Phoebe, we realised that she had a personality problem, likely due to physical abuse in the past. She would bite whoever tried to stroke her. She had obviously come to associate hands approaching her as reaching out to hit her.

It took us a long time, but we finally managed to rehabilitate her personality wise. We started to approach her with patience, always with a treat in hand or with a toy for her to play with. In time, she has become a happy doggy that has come to love us.

She is now ready to be re-homed.

Phoebe is about 4 years old, and she is vaccinated (papers available). Her new owner has to be a patient one that is willing to take time to know her and has to agree to sterilise her as she has possibly been used for illegal breeding before. She enjoys playing with her toys on her own and does not bark unnecessarily, be it when she meets strangers or sees her friends. She would do well in a single-dog household, otherwise, do bring along your current doggy-companion to visit Phoebe to see if they will gel, should you be interested to adopt her.

To visit and adopt Phoebe the Chihuahua, contact Aswat at 93378211.

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