Today, our zone 1 cat feeder Auntie Can found a dog at her shop in Circuit Road.

We are not sure if he was abandoned there – she has had animals abandoned at her shop before, like Kendra was – but to be sure he is not an abandoned boy, I passed the message along to the Shetland Sheepdog community in Singapore. He was found without a collar, and we have no microchip sensor so we wouldn’t know if he is licensed to an owner we can trace. If no one comes forward to claim him, we will have to re-home him.

Aswat has named him Grover, after his previous dog. Grover is a really cute boy. He loves his walks, has no herding instinct thus gets along well with cats, and he is always happy. Aswat showered and groomed him today and Andy brought him out for his evening walk just now. He is a happy dog! –

He is likely to have been fed previously on a home-made diet, as his teeth is coated in tartar, and when he was fed today, he had diarrhoea after, possibly because he is not used to proprietary dog food.

We are currently too full-house to keep Grover for long before we have to re-home him. Aswat is already turning down paying customers for grooming because he has no more holding pens for dogs that come for grooming.

If you do know of anyone who lost this dog at Circuit Road, please contact Aswat at 9337 8211.

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