sometimes they hate fish oil

I have been adding fish oil to our three cats’ food during alternate dinners. Lately because we have been getting them used to dinners without canned food, their fish oil intake has gone down because I am used to mixing the oil with canned food.

But their fur started to shed again and they are often covered in loose fur now, much more for us to groom and clean. For the sake of their skin and coat beauty, I tried adding the fish oil to their dry food instead which is out for them to feed free choice, refilled twice a day.

They hated it! The three of them barely ate their dry food for the whole day, and Scooter meowed for a ‘proper’ dinner since it was afternoon. Eventually I fed them their dinners about an hour earlier than I usually would, and had to appease my hungry cats with twice the serving of canned food I would normally give them.

Their appetites are a total enigma to me. Oh for the love of cats…

So, I reckon I have to find another way to give them their fish oil supplements more regularly. I would probably add another kind of kibble to their current diet, one that has more inherent fish oil, or go back to feeding them more regular canned food dinners which would be less of an additional cost for us, just more time-consuming. But I guess we love them enough to take the trouble!

(I probably have to adjust their dinners to start later because I often am not free during their present-dinnertime which is 6pm. I also tried feeding them free-choice canned food but they still would rather eat off their own bowls for some reason! For cats’ sake!)

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