the eunos rubbish-dump kitten

Today we dewormed the kitten that Hazrul rescued from a rubbish dump in Eunos yesterday. She is healthy albeit a bit dehydrated, so we fed her rehydration fluid too.

She is actually a semi-longhaired kitten and likely has pedigree parents, as you can see from the fur on her ears. As expected of longhaired cats she got her paws stuck with cat litter and Aswat brushed out her hygiene areas today to keep her clean. She is likely to grow up to be a medium to large sized cat as her paws are quite big. Estimated to be about 8 weeks old.

Currently she is being penned together with Beauty and her sister as well as Coco. They get along well although this tabby girl is more reserved.

This tabby kitten is available for adoption. If you are keen on adopting her please contact Aswat at 93378211. See right side bar for more information on adoption.

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