three 2-week-old kittens from Changi

An Angels customer came by earlier with his colleagues, and with a boxful of rescued orphan kittens. They were born on the streets of Changi South, near their workplace. The kittens’ mother had run off and is not likely to take to them even if she returns.

The kittens are estimated to be about 2 weeks old. They will need to be hand-fed for now, at least for another week. So, we have enlisted one of our newest volunteers Tity (owner of Shadow and Dixie) to help foster them for now.

All three are girls, with long tails, likely to have Siamese or Burmese bloodline. Their eyes are still blue as they have only recently opened. They are not available for adoption until they are weaned and can eat and poo on their own.

The black one reminds us of our Slinky – black with white paws and locket! The tabby and white one reminds us of our Scooter when we first saw him. The chocolate-lilac-fawn girl’s colour is so unique, I have to refer to our encyclopedia to place her colouring with an accurate description.

The best part is that Tity’s sister will likely adopt at least of these three, so at least they will be fostered in their possible future family right from the start.

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