tortoiseshell gal – sick

Tigi (T.G. or Tortoiseshell Gal) fell really sick today.

Aswat came to the shop to find her head tilted, one side of her face swollen. I was busy with work I couldn’t reschedule so he closed the shop for the day and went to our vet himself with Tigi.

Dr. Hsu couldn’t ascertain what was the cause of her facial swelling but he gave her five jabs (one antibiotic, one steroidal, the other three Aswat didn’t know). We went through possible reasons – allergies are unlikely because then her whole face would be evenly swollen, so it can’t be food or contact allergies. Dr. Hsu says a vein on her face is swollen. It might have been a prior condition, before she came to us, and we don’t know anything about her before then.

She is unable to eat on her own and will need to be hand-fed milk and baby food for now. So from the vet, Aswat brought Tigi to our place after, because she would need more supervision than she would get during the shop’s opening hours.

She is now at our house. Her swelling has subsided a teeny bit. But her body is still cold and she isn’t very ambulatory, although she is able to meow and kick us while we are trying to feed her. She is now quarantined in a carrier, wrapped in a towel. She has taken a few drops and dollops of milk and food, and I gave her vitamins to hopefully boost her system more. She still had a couple of fleas on her so I Frontline-d our three cats and will keep her quarantined in the kitchen for now.

All we can do now is care as best as we can for her, and pray she gets through the night. I really hope to see her better tomorrow because she really is suffering right now.

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