Ubi Zone 1 and Zone 2 neutering this Wednesday

Zone 2 in Ubi, blocks 311 to 318 – the troubled zone because of lack of funding for sterilisation, will hopefully receive some respite this week.

Together with the few new cats in Zone 1, we are planning to trap and neuter some Zone 2 cats as well.

The trapping will take place Tuesday evening, 2 Feb 2010. Our neutering service provider, Damy, will be collecting the cats from our HQ at Angels at Wednesday afternoon.

The date for neutering is this soon because of the few stray cats already in the shop. We cannot keep them for too long because our boarding resources is beyond capacity at the moment.

This means that we need to secure sponsorship for Zone 2 cats by tomorrow.

How much sponsorship we can receive will determine how many cats we can neuter in Zone 2. We are willing to work late into the night to trap as many cats as the funds received will allow. If you are keen to help out, please contact Elaine at 90880675.

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