Yellow is one of the male kittens that was recently evicted from his territory in and around the bicycle shop at Ubi Block 301. He is a newly abandoned kitten in Ubi and we have just brought him to be neutered. He is estimated to be about close to 5 months old.

He is a beautiful cat, with tabby stripes on his long tail. He is also an affectionate kitty, enjoying human attention, getting along well with other cats. He is now recovering from his sterilisation at Angels Pet Shop. He is healthy, and will be showered and groomed when his surgical wound recovers.

I will be posting more close-up pictures of him tomorrow, showing his tipped ear post surgery (and furless behind too, haha!)

We are hoping to find a loving human family to adopt him permanently. If you are keen on adopting Yellow, please call Aswat at 9337 8211 / 6748 9810.

If we are unable to re-home Yellow, he will be released from his pen at the shop and will become one of the resident stray cats around Angels Pet Shop where he will be fed and watered during the day.

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