I did an excursion and went to feed the zone 2 cats in a bid to manage the zone better. Armed with tupperwares full of kibbles and pet milk, I managed to meet a few cats there. Most of the cats we once knew in this zone are not around any more, but I will do another feeding there just to be sure of the current population.

Blk 314, mother of the black Oriental we wanted to trap, neutered
Blk 314, silver tabby female, neutered
Blk 314, orange male with white socks, neutered
Tortoiseshell sisters, neutered
Blk 318, crossover, male, not neutered

At least six cats were not sighted, presumed missing or simply out of sight, will need another excursion this evening to ascertain. Of those that I could not find, one is neutered, the others entire. I hope I can sight more today.

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