Usually Aswat does all this alone when he opens the shop every day:

  • Refill water and food bowls
  • Serve canned food
  • Clean litter trays and spill-trays under the boarding pens
  • Sweep up cat litter and fur around the boarding areas
  • Apply and administer various kinds of medication for the different rescues
  • Grooming if necessary, like cleaning eye discharge with moistened swabs

Today, I went down with our RGS volunteers, the Animal Huggers (short form A-Hug) to help out. The girls washed out Coffee‘s boarding cage. I cleaned Coffee’s diarrhoea soiling up by giving him a shower. Coffee’s diarrhoea had returned after we changed his diet to Science Diet – his poo was yellow, due to the high corn content in SD foods. I went home to get some grain-free Taste of the Wild for him, hopefully his stomach will recover. Cats cannot digest corn, so I guess that is why his diarrhoea returned after he had already recovered.

We also applied medications: for Squirrel’s kittens, and Sunshine and Skater – eye medication for conjunctivitis. Cleaned up their eyes and nose discharge. Anti-mucolytics for Jackie because she still sneezes sometimes. Beauty too since they are now penned together. Coffee’s medications for his diarrhoea, including antibiotics. Then I got some PPP flea spray from Angels’ grooming supply cabinet to apply around my house where Rain and Feather are now boarding.

The A-Hug girls named the 3-week-old silver kitten Zara. They played with her and got her to get used to cuddles. Zara really enjoys being cuddled! She is super easy-going, you can hug her the whole day, carry her in any position and she would be happy just being in your arms. I trimmed her nails today and she was totally okay with it. She will be dewormed when she is 4 weeks old. She is currently being penned alone.

The girls then watched over Zara, Beauty and Jackie while they hung out playing around the shop.

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