communication lines re-opened!

Thank you to all who put up with our sometimes-unavailable status the past week; we have managed to attend to most of the backlog of SMSes and missed calls and emails. Some are forever lost in cyberspace because our inboxes had overflowed… Apologies to those whom we never got to reply.

We are opening another channel of communication via Skype. My username is avalonelaine, so if you are on Skype and have pertinent questions to ask, feel free to call me using VoIP; my Skype is always on and I will be able to reply as far as I am not AFK.

I also hope this will help further improve our adoption after-care service to all adopters which has become a growing need after our record-breaking number of adoptions in February 2010.

Not a Skype user? You can still contact us us via visiting Angels Pet Shop, calling us at 67489810 (Angels Pet Shop) / 93378211 (Aswat) / 90880675 (Elaine) , email (ubikuchingproject @, writing on our Facebook wall and tweeting us on Twitter.

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