cougar, now named ducky

One of Puma’s sisters, Cougar, was adopted by Natasha and Michael this month. They named her Ducky.

Ducky and their resident cat, Professor Chaos, immediately bonded and made firm friends and partners-in-crime. Ducky fell sick not long after she went to her new home, and being worried parents, Natasha and Michael brought her to the vet. Her eyes were tearing, and they decided to board Ducky for a couple of days so that she can get better. Professor Chaos really missed Ducky, so as soon as she recovered they took her home, and needless to say the whole family was pleased to have Ducky home!

Dear Aswat and Elaine,

Sorry for not sending pictures sooner, Ducky is doing great and she and our cat are hilarious together. Ducky is completely healthy, no eye problems or any other medical issues since we brought her back home 🙂 She is fantastic, we love watching her fearless kitten ways haha. Thank you for all your help, we are so happy to have her!

Kind Regards,

Natasha & Michael

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