Cougar, Puma and Leopard – 3 rescued kittens

Today Aswat’s godma brought to Ubi Kuching Project 3 kittens that she had rescued another part of Upper Boon Keng. She brought them to the vet and rehabilitated them, and now have placed them with us for re-homing.

They are about 6 weeks old, probably unrelated but they get along really well with one another. The silver black tabby boy is Leopard, the tortoiseshell female is Cougar, and the other black beauty boy, is Puma. Here they are –
Puma is a really active playful boy who has a super long tail and long single-coated fur. Leopard is a super easy-going cat, you can hold him in any which way and he stays still to let you cuddle him. Cougar is more reserved and shy, but tolerates Puma’s crazy antics! She is more of a watch-the-world-go-by kind of cat. She is a really beautiful tortoiseshell and also has a long tail.

All three are healthy and ready for adoption. If you would like to adopt any of these kittens, please call Aswat at 93378211 to view and adopt them.

Update: Cougar has been adopted by Natasha and hubby!

Update: Leopard and Puma will be joined by their 4th sibling later today. The cat rescuer finally managed to trap him to rehabilitate him. Pictures soon.

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