doggyfriend delivered today

Our cats can happily tuck into dinners tonight containing Taste of the Wild! They were so excited over it and unlike other premium brands we tried before this one really drives them ‘wild’ as before. They are now stuffing their faces in turn at the food bowl.

Doggyfriend’s delivery
was as scheduled, with a call from the delivery uncle a short while before he arrives at your doorstep. I still like Pets Gourmet‘s personal touch – chatting about animals, redressing product issues, knowing them by name; and these personal touches really are their unique selling point – but there actually is no complaint about Doggyfriend’s service either, especially since the order-to-delivery turnaround time was short because of the coincidence delivery schedules for the east side. They also have some sort of rewards system which is a one-up from Pets Gourmet.

Despite this, personally I reckon I will stick to Pets Gourmet for the next order of premium pet stuff, simply because of the charisma factor of Pets Gourmet. I like buying pet stuff from folks who like animals; anyone can be an order-taker, but not everyone is a compassionate animal-lover. I reckon the two service providers are not an apple-to-apple comparison because they have different unique service angles, albeit their product ranges and prices are similar; one is about customer relationships, one is about freebies via purchase points. Different strokes for different folks! Well, without trying either service out there wouldn’t be reviews to share, so now you have it.

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